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Welcome to the famous Porta di Bacco Wine Shop of Montepulciano, a refined place devoted to wine. Here, with the knowledgeable guiding of our sommeliers, you can delight your senses with an exclusive selection of rare and precious wines. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere that evokes the glories of the past, the medieval environment of this wine shop that transports one to a forgotten time, dating back to the Etruscan origins of this land.

In the depths of the deep cavities of the ancient cisterns, transformed into cellars, there is a bottle selection of the rarest wines that is jealously held in custody. We are confident that once you cross the threshold of this enchanting place you will return inebriated by the irresistible appeal of the wines that are hidden here. We await you in Montepulciano for a wine experience without equal, where the time disappears and the essence of wine merges with the magic of the place.

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Our selection represents a harmonious meeting between tradition and modernity. Inside our prestigious room, you will find not only famous names, but also authentic wine gems unknown to the vast public that soon they can boast of the praise reserved for the great international masters of wine.

Our research is not limited to only beautiful Tuscany, but we want to delight your palate also with pearls coming from all over Italy and from the most important wine areas of the world.

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In the framework of our Etruscan and Medieval rooms you have the possibility to have a tasting tour to discover the great Italian wines and non-Italian wines. It is possible, with a booking, to have a private and personalized wine experience according to the needs of your palate, not only within our splendid wine shop, but also in a unique environment such as the Park of Villa Trecci

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The tip of the diamond of our wine shop is our close-knit team who are passionate about the wine world. Our wine experts are always in search of new emotions to be able to share with you. They are always at your disposal to advise and to satisfy your needs: from the choice of wine for a special evening, to the creation of your own private cellar.

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