Restaurant in Montepulciano

Lunch or dinner in total respect of the ancient Tuscan culinary tradition, accompanied by the certainty of tasting extremely fresh products, prepared daily, with care and dedication. The vegetables, oil and honey are fruits of the Cinzia Sorlini Biological Farm, situated here in Montepulciano, which is outstanding for its biological production. Immerse yourself in an enchanting atmosphere, in which the tables are set among the arches of the antique walls and subdivided over several rooms, where every detail reflects the past that has its roots in the Middle Ages.

Walking through these spaces you have the privilege of abandoning yourself within the intoxicating aromas of the dishes, while young smiles will serve you with care and professionalism, making you feels enveloped in authentic hospitality. Here you will find yourself in a place full of history, a home that is part of our past and our culture, a place in which the food becomes a gesture of love and hospitality. The kitchen on view also offers you the possibility to observe the skills of the Chefs while they are preparing our dishes, giving you an unprecedented culinary show.


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Our menus are an authentic gastronomic symphony that celebrate the magnificence of the traditional Tuscan cuisine. Each dish is a work of culinary art prepared with skill and passion by our Chefs, using very fresh and carefully selected ingredients. From the delicious appetizers to the homemade pasta, to the intense flavour of the meats to the fish delicacies, each course is an unforgettable experience that delights the palate and envelopes the soul in an embrace of authentic flavours. Immerse yourself in a culinary voyage that will take you through the gastronomic treasures of Tuscany, letting you being enraptured by the refinement and genuineness of every bite.

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Wine List

Our Cellar

Our wine list is a sublime careful and dedicated collection of selected labels that embraces the essence of the best Tuscan vineyards and elsewhere.

Each bottle represents a story, a passion, a territory that expresses itself through the mastery of the winemakers; our wine treasures offer a complete sensorial experience.

Our sommeliers are pleased to advise you on the pairing of each dish, guiding you on a journey of discovery and pleasure that exalts every bite and is an unforgettable wine experience.

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